Sanders rules Indiana with 54.75%

Indiana is Sanders-Leaning, voter suppression and voter fraud permitting. The state is congenial to Bernie characteristics. A big city alone and dozens of small towns on 100,000 inhabitants. The Hispanic Community of the Mid-West is not much involved as much as the African American Community. That is why the buck is in the hands of […]

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Hillary Clinton could have Multiple Sclerosis

I watched Hillary Clinton for weeks and I’ve carefully scrutinized many of the behavioral, cognitive, ophthalmic, neurological, physical and psychological abnormalities that characterized her rallies, her interviews, her public appearances. In any context in which she was presented, she had symptoms related to multiple sclerosis. The main symptoms that I’ve observed are: 1. Nystagmus; 2. […]

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The strategy of tension

The Russians trolls are brainwashing Americans. The Russians and Eastern Europe trolls are delivering America in Trump hands according to populist logic that politicians are all the same. After they have settled in Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups, they have put in place a very effective strategy to distract Americans. How did they do? 1. They […]

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Clinton and Trump are neck and neck

With less than eight weeks before Election Day, Donald J. Trump andHillary Clinton are locked in a tight contest, with both candidates still struggling to win the confidence of their respective bases, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll finds. Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has the support of 46 percent of likely voters nationwide, […]

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If Clinton drops out, Bernie will run as an Independent

As we all know, Clinton health is worrying. Her neurologist (neurologist???) Oladotun Okunola have said that the Democratic candidate in the upcoming Presidential Elections is suffering of pneumonia. I wouldn’t go into conspiracy theories, but it’s clear that this isn’t pneumonia, or rather, the Clinton staff not telling the truth about the severity of her illness. […]

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