Sanders must overtake Obama

download (1)As it may seem strange, as we swept Sanders just in Hawaii, as Hawaii is a land of President Barack Obama, as Bernie has led more people to vote then him, I believe that for him it’s moment of truth and maturity.

When I speak of maturity I mean that, for Bernie the Birdie it’s time to cut the umbilical cord that ties him to Barack, that sort of psychological subjection, the tendency to not contradict the President. Bernie, however, has to take as much as possible the distances from him. Not surprisingly, he wants to become the next President of the United States, and if he don’t want to be seen as a surrogate, his substitute, he must walk on his corpse.

The futuristic First Term of Sanders will never be the Third of Obama. Obama is a neoliberal which is an integral part of the system. Obama never questioned Wall Street, in fact, also won thanks to media exposure it received from broadcasters. Obama has been a successful sales marketing product. But, having said that, as his two terms have at least honored it, although it has drawn a boundary line with the past, that line is too weak and itsn’t enough to change the United States of America.  Sanders has to make Obama the last President of the Third Way.

He must stand in open opposition to this old World Vision and must impose a new course. As Sanders represents the new, he must do everything to get away from the shadow of the past. He must make it clear that he doesn’t belong and he isn’t an evolution of Reaganism-Thatcherism-Clintonism-Blairism. He must be perceived by the American public for what it really is: a Progressive, Social Democratic, anti-Neoliberal.

Though he’s a Democrat, he should, for example, highlight the data on real unemployment, the real value of a GDP growing while the Gini index reveals that the middle class has disappeared, that wealth has moved to the top of the pyramid. He must, also, highlighted the lack of courage to Obama in the field of health and that he, will not improve what was done by Obama, but he will transform it completely, making access to universal care.

Birdie Sanders must turn page in foreign policy, he must review the alliances, the way to solve international issues and, above all, he must let the world governments itself without claiming US egomaniac to shape the planet with the policy and weapons. His electoral program is so good that, his vision of the World Economy and World Finance, will enable him to make the World fairer and more just without subtracting one dollar to the United States but, rather, financially weakening 1% shifting wealth from the top down.  He has a potential of 100 million votes and, precisely because of this, he must speak to those who want to see him to the White House.

He should stop trying to steal votes in Clinton because he would enter into a dead end and, by four votes, he would lose ten coming from those who have never voted. That’s because it has to go hunting for votes Independents. Not surprisingly, the Independents with 42% of the total are more than half of Democrats who today votes Clinton. He should ignore moderates and Fourth Generation Liberal because he’ll never pull through a spider hole. He must aim to make full loot, leading million voters who do not believe neither the GOP nor the DEM to the polls.

Sanders should prove to be mature enough to get away from the shadow of Obama, to take the sun in all its beauty. That ‘Sol dell’Avvenire’ who he dreams ever since, as a boy, he faced the prison in order to defend the rights of those who have never had them. Put simply, Sanders must go back to basics because, now more than ever, after so much sowing has come harvest time. Those four years when Birdie Sanders doesn’t lead the US to war.

This is a political-electoral assessment. Sanders needs to win California, New York and Puerto Rico. Distancing himself from Obama, he approaches the Hispanic community. African Americans are the 13%, African American who vote for Bernie are the 2.2%, while AA who vote for HRC are the 2,5%. It’s missing the 8.5% who will not vote for anyone because there’s no African American candidate. It must be said that, whatever it’s befits Sanders from the electoral point of view, because it’s going to run in three states with Hispanic majority (50% in California, 40% in New York)