Sanders is in the lead by 20 points in Wisconsin


Wisconsin is one of the states that is part of the so-called wildfire. It borders the states that were more than benevolent towards Bernie Sanders.

It has no big cities and it favors the Senator views its difficulty in some areas of the US to defeat Hillary Clinton in the metropolis. Among the major city there are Milwaukee and Madison that should be respectively tending toward Clinton and Sanders. In layman’s terms, Clinton would collect the legacy of Barack Obama only in Milwaukee.

Clinton didn’t just win or tie in Milwaukee because the rest of Wisconsin is characterized by small and medium-sized cities that promote the features demonstrated by Bernie Sanders around America.

What’s more, Milwaukee is not Chicago, its population is 1/10 of the whole state and it haven’t a decisive influence on the final result. The African American community, then, is very low and the advantage in the Black vote that the former Secretary of State has thus far demonstrated through their vote, it will not be decisive.

Wisconsin is a White State (83.3% non-Hispanic white, 5.9% Hispanic White), the African American Community is 6.3%, while 1.0% is Native American and Alaska Native, 2.3% is Asian American, 1.8% Multiracial American and 2.4% some other race.

Given that this year the African American community is not mobilized, for obvious reasons, as in 2008, it’s possible a clear victory of Sanders thanks to the sum of the minorities which this year have always supported him.

So, hang enormously on the side of Sanders: 1. A wealth of research on Google that interests him is twice as much as Clinton; 2. The presence of Wisconsin in an area bordering states where Sanders was expressed in an extremely effective manner; 3. The lack of large cities favoring Clinton; 4. The lack of an African American Community that makes winning Clinton; 5. The presence of many minoritieswhich are voting for Bernie Sanders; 6. The favorable trend that Sanders has with the last five won states without leaving a single county to Clinton; 7. The presence of many small-medium centers, which most people incorporate the messages and the Sanders electoral program; 8. The absence in these small-medium centers of large African American community; 9. The passion that inhabitants of rural areas, manufacturing and industrial cities are demonstrating for the Senator from Vermont; 10. The defeat of Clinton in this State in 2008.

That said, according to the data in our possession, Sanders will win in Wisconsin with about 60%.