Sanders dominates Clinton in California with 61.25%

The following article is based on a public opinion survey. The methodology considers historical survey of Pew Research and Gallup, and CNN and MSNBC Polls.

I worked on the Californian electorate dividing the Democratic electorate in age and ethnicity, I assigned the turnout consideration and I finally divided Counties in California and then in Macro-Areas.

Specifically, according to the latest CNN Poll I assigned to Sanders the 60% of White Electorate and 62% of Black Electorate to Clinton.

I remained faithful to my ‘theory of wildfire’ and I extended it from Oregon to North California to the Bay Area and Sacramento MSA.

Following the data of UC Davis ‘Center for Elecorate Change’ I attributed to the Hispanic Community the percentage of votes and the turnout to be awarded to Bernie Sanders county by county: 60%.

I also worked by age and I corroborated in this way the data of the largest research centers by aligning the percentages of voters to be attributed to Sanders and Clinton.

The current situation in California tells us that the strength of Vermont Senator is still great and he’s by far the most popular politician. He currently reaches 61.25% of the vote but, that being said, it will be important to understand how many Unaffiliated Electors and how many Hispanics will vote.

If Sanders was able to keep focused his electorate, be able to win big the most important state of America, and in so doing to monopolize the Democratic Convention a few weeks later. If that were not enough, the state would be the springboard for the creation of a new political platform and the start of the race in the upcoming Presidential Elections.




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    1. Indeed. People need to spread the word far and wide to stop using electronic voting. It’s the real way she’s stealing state after state. As the polls close, they just flip as many electronic votes as she needs to win by 5-10% and then “adjust” the exit polls to match the reported vote within the margin of error. The did it in at least MA, IL, OH, and NY. Why do you think they’re no longer releasing exit poll data before the polls close? The suppression just makes the flipping easier. She’ll do it in CA just like everywhere else to whatever extent she needs to, and the only way to stop it is for every voter to use a paper ballot.

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      1. Yes. They called Maryland for Hillary without even showing any votes. They even had the delegates assigned for an hour before they put in any actual numbers or percentages. There was no way to find the Exit Polls and they supposedly only got them for PA. Please read this article. It explains everything we need to know to understand what is going on so we can fight back.
        View story at

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    2. Easy. Governor Brown ran against Billary in 1992. He hates their guts. He just signed into law a law that registers every eligible voter in the state automatically. It’s his state, and it will be rigged HIS way, if it’s rigged at all. Nyah.

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      1. That’s what I’ve seen, too. You know folks hate Hillary when they are complete strangers yet comment about how awful she is. I don’t know one person in No. Calif. where I live who is voting for her, we’re ALL IN for Bernie here, especially in Mendo County!

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      1. There is a video of a computer programmer testifying that he was hired to fix voting machines in Florida to flip votes. He said it could be done such that there would be no evidence in the machine after the votes were flipped. I’ve also read that the supreme court granted the voting machine makers that their programming is protected and cannot be examined.

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    3. People to take pictures when they vote. They also need pictures & documentation as proof of voter registration for when they go to vote. Pictures are proof of there is electronic voter machine fraud. Remember, there is absolutely no proof otherwise!

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    4. That’s cause she is so much smarter than anyone in the U.S. They know she is doing it, and they know she’ll do it in Indiana but they can’t figure out how or how to prepare and catch her. Denial.


    5. Funn, my husband asked me that exact question yesterday. We’re working on a plan, I may volunteer at caucuses so I can see firsthand and report to anyone who will listen if/when I see anything illegal. But it’s an excellent question and we Californians should be ready for it.


    6. Sanders wins in states with open primaries where independents can vote. In states with closed primaries, Democratic operatives are controlling the votes. There are lawsuits in Arizona, Illinois and NY and the testimonies are embarrassing and damning. All of the rest of the states are open or semi-open.

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    7. The good thing is that we have a printed ballot and electronic ballot, and if the printed ballot does not match what you want/approve of, you can shred it and re vote.


    8. Republicans have been chipping away at our Voting Rights Act over the last few years, making it ‘legal’ to reduce polling stations and purge voters. It’s an attempt to reduce minorities voting Democratic, and it’s working.

      Then there’s the DNC and Debbie Wasserman saying they don’t want Independent voters to influence the elections. Which is sad, when you consider Independents are the largest voting group this year and they prefer Bernie as the Democratic nominee. Wasserman has been quoted in saying superdelegates help their preferred candidate and keep them from running against grass-roots activists (like Bernie).

      The Sanders campaign faces this two-pronged attack and is still gaining momentum. We need to restore our constitutional right to vote by restoring the Voting Rights Act in full, as well as support Tim Canova, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University who is running against Wasserman Schultz for her seat in Congress.


  1. If you have the time and energy, could you do something similar and unbiased for New Jersey, where I live. Other polls say Hillary is substantially ahead here, and I don’t necessarily expect your analysis to be much different.

    However, whether the same or different from traditionally polling, I was wondering if your analysis can help you glean any insight(s) you could share, into the fastest and most effective way to encourage and ultimately change as many New Jerseyans’ minds and their votes for Bernie in the coming primary in about 5 weeks (same day as CA votes, I suspect you know this) as can be practicably done.

    We’d like to get as many ‘pledged’ delegates assigned to him as possible even if Hillary wins our state. We want to close that gap as much as possible over the next 1+ month. Our feverish dreams is that Bernie may still be able to eke out a win here — as in Michigan. But not matter what, we want to get him the maximum number of pledged delegates possible!

    Thanks for your time and consideration.


    1. Take a computer to senior gatherings,family,friends (that do not use computers but do vote) and share some ads, speeches, or any news worthy documentation that the mainstream media never shows people who do not use computers. Just 1 idea!

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    2. Just stick to letters to newspapers and social media pointing out Hillary leadership failures and messes. Then by contrast look at Sanders and his long-term history of actually getting amendments to Republican bills actually going out of his way to have outrage against the work and pay disparity in the nation and keep to the positive issues that Bernie Sanders has brought out. Note his issues have been vetted and when they are surveyed independently, away from the Socialist label, Americans have given support to those issues greater than 60% positive. So he is the more likely candidate at that point because he does have that positive message. Recap then, so you can always speak out with regards to her lack of understanding of the issues and leaving messages and by contrast Sanders has been in the fight for us and here is where he wins and we win.


  2. If the Democrat Politicians or any electioneer even attempt to or manipulate voter data here, then they’re going to be quickly replaced by the Green or P&F party out here. We don’t take kindly to voter suppression. That’s why there is a semi-open primary and a 2 week registration period. Go register now! Not later, immediately!

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  3. The most important thing Bernie supporters should be doing at this point is informing voters that California is a closed primary. Residents “must” be registered as either Democrat or No Party Preference by May 23 or they will not be allowed to vote in California’s Democratic primary election. There are “HUGE” numbers of independents in California that are going to be shocked when they show up to vote. Bernie should be running television and radio commercials right now to inform voters. Spread the word good people!.

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    1. Thank you, Jason! We MUST inform the NNP’s and “American Independents” that they MUST REQUEST a Democratic Ballot by mail or at the polls; BUT we highly encourage AIs to change their registration to NPP or Democratic by May 23. Easy online: Also, Vote-By-Mail is the SAFEST: request VBM no later than May 31. PHONE BANK/CANVASS to California & Oregon Victory!


  4. Californian’s, please use your phones to record your entire experience voting to catch $hillary’s cheating. If the voting machines won’t let you vote for Bernie, record it, then press the Hillary button showing that that worked, then try to switch it back. DO NOT LET THEM STEAL CALIFORNIA LIKE THEY DID ARIZONA AND NEW YORK!



    The Political arrogance of the Empresses Party assumes my Allegiance
    to a “Democratic Party” which by my calculations tramples our Rights just
    as conveniently as the “Repugnant” Party.

    California is the Population size of Australia or Canada. Maybe it
    is time to Politically Threaten these Wall Street Delegations (DNC & RNC/Tea’s)
    by Thanking them for showing their true colors and allegiances.

    Symbolically California is or could be a Strategic Statement organized now to say enough
    is enough. Voter manipulation needs to be protected and Funded like any Legislation
    which deals with TREASON and MURDER.

    and then HANG that EFFIGY next to the MANDER CORPSE.

    We can Hang WALL STREET in the Middle between the two Common Felons
    and see how Wall Street as a COW (no Horns) Effigy Resurrects?.

    Her Daughter is married to a Wall Street “Employee” is Plain evidence of WALL STREET
    How stupid they think we are is only surpassed by their arrogance.

    Business as usual means we are screwed. I do not CHOOSE being Screwed By BANKRUPT
    TRUMP or Whatever Sounds Good SHILLARY CLINTON. I would rather go GREEN than to
    surrender my dignity to either.

    I would prefer to follow this Hebraic Socialist to Hell and Back to RECOVER our stolen
    Democracy and on the way back inform WALL STREET that they are “FIRED !!” too.
    than Vote for such a poor choice as the Lesser of two AWFULS.

    My VOTE belongs to me as my Personal Property up to the very moment I cast it.

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