Sanders knocks Trump with 56.96%

If Bernie Sanders should win the Nomination, he would win easily. According to my recent studies, in fact, he would win against Donald Trump by ten percentage points.

The work done to achieve this result is based on historical Gallup surveys, opinion poll data, demographic data, and current polls.

As you know Bernie Sanders has had the opportunity to run as an Independent in 2012 given that he is an Independent Democrat. Which is why it’s the candidate remained in the race that attracts the most votes by the Unaffiliated.

His lead over Trump in the field of Indies is devastating and touches very high percentages exceed 25% of the total population that prefers not to become affiliated to any party.

To carry out this study, I had to work on the database of past Presidential Elections and the last Primaries. I kept the 2008 turnout for comfort despite I may believe in its growth.

Having said that I naturally consulted the most reliable websites in order to get the exact number of US voters and then divide them into Democrats, Republicans and Independents according to a historical study that I favored despite other pollsters which give almost identical results.

Having divided the electorate into three parts I assigned them a turnout that would go on the same wavelength as the turnout in 2008. Again I preferred to work on Gallup studies.

After assigning the turnout I got assigned to the two competitors, the percentage of Independents and Democrats-Leaning and Republican-Leaning. I finally got the following results: Sanders 56.96%, Trump 43.04%.