Sanders leads very big in Oregon with 78.35%

In Oregon Bernie will win very big. In agreement with my work the competition is none. Oregon is a Ultra-Liberal state, eight years ago Barack Obama won despite the almost total absence of the African American Community, and this year is confirmed with Bernie.

Sanders can count in Oregon on the vote of a large White Community, on the vote of minorities (in this state are also Ultra-Liberal the Asians and Blacks) and of 100,000 new voters who have registered in the Democratic Party files in recent months.

If in the last days will register tens of thousands of people there could be the gift that everyone wants: the 85%. A miracle.

As I said earlier here Bernie is the majority among both White (75% with a turnout of 72%) is among the Black (60% with a turnout of 60%) than among Asian American and Hispanics (65% with a turnout of 65%). If these rates were to improve – even in this case – there may be grounds for the bang.

As for the methodology I referred to last CNN Exit Poll for the vote by Gender, to an IVN Survey, to The Green Papers and Dave Leip’s Data, to 2010 Census Data and Secretariat of State Data from September 2015 to April 2016. For the turnout i’ve followed Sos.Oregon.Gov.