Why Anonymous doesn’t publish Clinton transcripts before 7 June?

The Republicans don’t publish them before the Presidential Campaign. Russia doesn’t publish them before a Democrat wins the Presidential Election.

Unfortunately anything is interested to publish them before June the 7th. There’s only an organization that could publish them: Anonymous.

Why Anonymous doesn’t publish Clinton Transcripts before the Californian Primary? It has a strategy? It’s the same strategy of Republicans or Russia?

I hope and believe that Anonymous has as first interest the American People and the American Democracy. I would not that Anonymous is just a satellite of a big Planet. Who are his inhabitants?

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  1. If they have anything on her or not…if they can not help send a Criminal (of Global Proportions) to JAIL they’re only blowing smoke and are not really interested in helping those they claim they wish to enlighten… In the end they’ll be seen as antagonists’ or Hero’s, it all boils down to their action’s…

    Mi piace

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