The Truth About Russian Hackers


Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation are innocents.

The long road of the Presidential Campaign, in fact, is been the triumph of the Republican Party on the Social Media after a decade of electoral setbacks. Republicans and, in this case, Donald Trump, have been able to change completely the way of being on Internet. The Billionaire from the orange carryover has been a lot more smart and fresh than Democrats and has, despite the almost total lack of support from the traditional american mass-media, focused on new media, destroying the legendary ‘Memetic War’ of Barack Obama. A distant memory, an obsolete way to use the Social Networks.

I lived this campaign as volunteer, activist and admin of multiple groups in support of the Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders, it was an experience absolutely formative albeit tragic: the Grand Old Party, in fact, has played a technically perfect game.

Why Trump won? We need to go step by step:

  1. First, the Republican Party establishment (Bushes, Koches, etc.) has been able to refresh itself once accepted the new political platform of the Tea Party – masqueraded by Social Right. The establishment, conscious of its lack of credibility, has worked under track supporting candidates equally unpresentablies at the Republican Primaries, which have helped in the GOP electorate the great conviction that the only candidate able to beat Bernie Sanders (and not Hillary Rodham Clinton), could be only Donald Trump. The Republican establishment was so skilled that, compactly, has falsely abandoned Trump and has equally falsely embraced (‘The Embrace of Death’), the Former Secretary of State making her indeed hard to vote for a part of the democrat electorate and absolutely unpresentable for the Very Liberals, as well as Millenials, opposed to any compromise with a way of doing politics that is no longer considered acceptable.
  2. So, the same establishment has funded busily the campaign on Facebook of the new President of the United States, succeeding at first to get a change of Facebook algorithms to get more visibility of favorable Trump contents and, later, getting open support by Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Rothschild. Obtained this, GOP donors have financed a real army of trolls, memetic experts, hackers, clickbait sites, fake pro-Sanders / Clinton / Stein / Johnson groups and, in conclusion, hired entities accredited as Anonymous and Wikileaks, the new ‘Voice of Truth’. This has meant that thousands of Facebook Groups, members of the Democratic Propaganda, were infested with fake informations aimed at destroying the narrative of the Independent and Socialist Senator from Vermont, number one enemy of both establishment present in overseas policy, through a fake parallel narrative, empty of content and aimed to exacerbate the gap between him and Republican voters, him and democratic voters, him and his own voters, eager to proposals and hopes for a return to a new Roosevelt Era. Once destroyed the narrative, and thanks to electoral fraud put in place by the DNC to damage Bernie and in favor of Clinton, the road to success was totally downhill.
  3. In fact, HRC was literally destroyed because of the absolute failure of her team, which has failed to stem the speculation, except when a real slander, created because of the intervention in the campaign of Anonymous and Wikileaks. Clinton donors have equally forced the change of Google algorithms but nothing is happened and the television and journalistic monopoly in the hands of the Blues has forced the electorate to abandon the TV and journals. Clinton has lost in one fell swoop the support of the Moderates, Independents and Millenials, which have preferred the abstention, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Once obtained this rift in the Liberal-Leaning electorate of all sides, Clinton has lost a crucial support to win the Presidential Eloctions.
  4. This is the truth and this winning model is about to adopt in the rest of the Planet. In fact, the Tea Parties from everywhere are applying – verbatim – this strategy: from the Front National in France at the UKIP in Britain, from Alternative fur Deutschland in Germany at the Five Star Movement in Italy, through the Ciudadanos in Spain.