The political revolution has just begun

We are the past, present and future. We are history, we bring with ourselves all the battles we have won and all the mistakes we made. We are all the democratic political forces which emancipated the human, who freed him from slavery, injustice, racism.

We are the liberal and socialist thinkers of the 18th and 19th century, the great statesmen of the 20th. We have saved our race from the wars, women from patriarchal subjugation, children in the coal mines and the world from superstition of the Mormon, Calvinist and Puritan belief.

At the same time, we have been guilty because of having divided the people when the German National Socialist Party won the elections in 1933 without an absolute majority in the Bundestag. We the people, liberals, democrats, socialists and communists we ceased to be brothers and from the ashes of our feuds won Adolf Hitler.

It was our fault: we were unable to stay together even when the Nazis presented a bill banning all other political forces, all of us. Because we had the parliamentary votes to oppose and, guiltily under the eyes of history, we did not.

Today, history reminds us of our responsibilities so that we do not commit the mistakes of the past. Because we are stronger than fear, stronger than them, and more numerous of them. What unites us is stronger than what divides us. And the fascists around the world know it well. They divide us for this reason. That’s why we have to stop them.

Today is a new dawn, the dawn of a better world. Just today, while a new Hitler wants to get us back in terror. Today more than ever we have the chance to get back together. We have the chance to get back together with the promise that we will not split anymore.

Many of us have been afraid of the lesser evil, and we have created the absolute evil. Now it’s time to fix it, to get off the streets and shout loudly who we are, that we be watching every move of the new Hitler, we’re ready for a new Political Revolution, we want to restore Democracy.

We are the Guardians of Democracy. We are the fruit of the unity of all democrats in the World, and in Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada as well as in Italy, we are ready to stem the absolute evil because to err is human but to persevere is diabolical.

We are Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Martin Schulz, Benoît Hamon, Paolo Gentiloni, Justin Trudeau, Alexis Tsipras. We will give our lives to save the Planet from the Third World War, from environmental disaster, from the return of death on a global scale. We are the Political Revolution. This is Our Revolution. We are the Patriots of the Third Millennium.