POLL: Who do you want to be the next Prime Minister?


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    1. I suspect the people that vote Tory do not know how to use the internet. Probably it is because of them we still only put a cross when we vote.

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  1. I love Jeremy …he is a decent, caring man,,dont tell me the wooden Teresa May cares about anything other than her status, playing games to win votes, and refusing to go on live debates? why is that? its because people can see how mr,Corbyn has personality and decency ,where she has none! …let the people see! but she is too scared to! she wants to repeal the fox hunting ban… she wants to cull badgers…she is all about protecting the bloodlust passtimes of the tory party… what sort of human being is she? ..a liar & a manipulater and she is so cock sure or your votes… pressure her to go on public debates ….not hide behind the tories…she will deal with the devil post brexit… anything to grasp those who will do deals with Britiain…. it stinks of desperation….

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  2. Neither, I would like to see the end of the two main parties but our present first past the post voting system keeps them in a see saw power frame. PR would give the smaller parties a fighting chance. Then we couald have direct democracy and people power. At the moment donations to parties mean they are obligated to an agenda driven by donors which works against democracy.

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