Right-Wings vs. Left-Wings, Kek vs. Jesus

The influencer revolution

The race for US Democratic Primaries was a watershed between the old and new way of living electoral campaigns on Social Networks. Political activism, in fact, has definitely shifted from the streets to the net. Political volunteering, which is rooted in empathetic sharing of ideals at the transnational level, has made possible new positive shots about how to stand on social issues, to make wars of ideas, influence, persuasion, manipulation. On the occasion of the war between supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at the same time, was something historic and revolutionary: the global mobilization of electorate linked to the Social Democrats in support of Sanders. This mobilization has led to the complete hegemony of Bernie’s arguments in Facebook Groups and to a clear reshuffling of Clinton’s concerns. The reaction of the Democratic National Committee, to the legitimate attempt by the peripheries of the World to influence the outcome of the Democratic Primaries, was tough: Debbie Wassermann Schultz did not hesitate 1. To drastically cut the number of poll stations to not allow High turnout; 2. Do not bring voters closer to poll stations. The ‘Political Revolution’ was repressed with the reiteration of this conduct, with the silence of Barack Obama and all the media closest to DEMs, through real electoral fraud, with the dishonesty of many Sanders elected super-delegates, but Gone with Clinton. If, on the one hand, Clinton won the Primaries in a dishonorable and unpopular way, Trump won easy on the Republican side. Nonetheless, despite the apparent lack of experience of math and social influence, New York’s tycoon, he made his voice clear. The now-defined platforms of the Alt-Right reacted in turn by mobilizing the far-right sympathizers of the whole world, but with more wisdom, more coordination and more profitable: towards the end of the Democratic Primaries, especially Thousands of click-bait websites came from Eastern European countries, as well as bearers of a scary fake-news, which apparently favored Bernie Sanders to destroy Hillary Clinton. The result was as follows: 1. Capillary mobilization of the world’s far-right activists; 2. Military-style coordination; 3. Self-financing by activists through click-bait websites. That was how Donald J. Trump could win the race to the Presidency. It is from these assumptions that my strategy for Facebook Groups is born. It is a new way of living the net.

Activism 2.0. In order to repeat and qualitatively overcome what the US president has designed, the customers will first have to call their influencers on the web implicitly and explicitly. Publicly. If this is not possible, it should be the task of the party / movement structure, mobilizing people to activism and online volunteering. Election campaigns decide on the net. On the net there are people in flesh and bone. The future looks at the frontal crash on the web between activists of different candidates and different parties / movements. The main battlefield will be the Facebook Groups. The Reference Groups and, above all, those I fancy the competitors. The call to activism in hostile groups can lead to at least three results: 1. Occupation of such groups, resulting in contact / interaction between the ingroup; 2. The closure of the group belonging to the anti-business group to new users or non-aligned users; 3. Erasing the group by admins. Trolling – in the most sense – is a desuetical technique that stiffens the positions of others, while, on the other hand, the excessive presence of Fake users weakens those of those who think it the same way. That’s why we need to call on ordinary people, citizens. What are the energies of the Web. In order to rethink what is happening daily in real life, but also the strength of creativity, competence, passion, the number of activists / comerades to rely on. A qualitative and quantitative question at the same time. This war of influence, of course, can happen, and above all, latently through the slow occupation of the groups, but it will be less important than what the undersigned hopes: 1. Slow occupation of the groups by the activists would give How administrators can filter who enters the group; 2. This would give way to the political / adversary’s collaborators to implement remedial strategies. Once recruited, the most skilled activists will be able to actively work with the propaganda sites made available by XXX throughout the election campaign and, nevertheless, they will be able to fully receive the remuneration resulting from the activity they do will only have to register new domains With a credible URL, with relevant Facebook page and Twitter references, claims and effective templates. The same activism must be even more relevant to the creation of activist cells to be included in all those groups that are actually ingroups that do not belong to either the client or its competitors, large apolitical groups, and of great common interest that during the The election campaign, will have to be captured, starting with the influence of the activists themselves. It goes without saying that it will be our job to create and promote the creation itself of these apolitical groups, which more than others allow to intercept unconditional / potential electorate, and to affect it latently. The Customer Digital Network will consist of two pyramidal structures connecting to the base, within a square. The first pyramid structure will have its own Facebook Admin group, which will be named ‘Admin Client Name’. The Admin group will be the meeting point between XXX and the administrators of all Facebook groups in the Digital Network. It must be Closed, and not Secret, to allow access to all those who already manage other groups and want to enter the Digital Network or those who do not manage groups but have an interest in doing so. ‘Admin’ Name will have, among many things, first to provide a black-list of click-bait websites and Fake-News bearers, curated by XXX. On this basis will be established the Municipal, Citizens, Neighborhood, Provincial, Regional, District, National. The second structure will have its own base, likewise the Admin group, while going to the summit we will first have the array of groups of great public interest, able to attract heterogeneous wide audience of users that I will define ‘Groups for lovers of X, Y, Z ‘. Then, ‘Sex Groups’, ‘Age Groups’, ‘Ethnic Groups’, ‘Sexual Orientation Groups’, ‘Food Orientation Groups’, ‘Soccer Groups’, ‘Union Groups’ etc. Finally, at the top of the pyramid there will be the ‘Memetic Group’. These groups will have the task of collecting / proposing and sharing memes. They will have to act as a customer’s public memory database. They will have to be working groups / presentation work open to the judgment of the users, and according to this voluntary work, it will be possible to rely on indexing material with sure peaks of quality and very useful ideas for XXX itself. Large movements need large groups. The client will have to rely on the existence of at least one large national group (100k users) able to provide a common home to all activists. The admins of this group will have to identify and enlist activists who want to participate in the influencing offensive. These activists will be invited to the secret groups to prepare the strategy to tackle, the modus operandi to be adopted. They will be provided with a poster with the guidelines to follow in order to move on to action. Activists / influencers will be divided into three secret groups: 1. Influencer from strong emotional and social intelligence; 2. Influencers with great political and economic expertise. The first will represent the first line of activists, and will be responsible for sharing memes, news, infographics, polls, live-polls, etc. The latter will participate in the discussions already in place in the adverse groups and on those triggered by our activists, and will share news, analysis, studies, etc. with the sole aim of putting the customer’s competitor in a bad light and emphasizing the capabilities and The results of the latter on a public and private level. These will have to be distinguished by language skills so that they polarize, in the eyes of the adventurous members, positively. All groups currently referring to the customer will have to change their name and address. If you can, the group with more members will XXX will make it a National group, while the other groups will share the link that will bring to this big group, the more subscribers will have, the more Facebook will suggest it. The National Team will have to be periodically advertised from the client’s fan page, page of his / her party / movement, politicians, parties / movements and the bodies supporting the client, and who for the occasion will also have to change the name Of their groups in ‘X for Customer Name’. The customer can benefit from the internationalization of their campaign. Internationalizing, creating a network, or joining an international collaboration network can help recruit more and more competent and passionate activists. There are already global-to-mortgage networks and the client has the opportunity to enter their own instances into those groups. The main objective – of course – must be to put their name, name of their party / movement within the name of global groups already bearing the name of other foreign politicians / parties / movements. Even in this case – as a matter of mutual help – the client will have to make sure that its activists join these groups, supporting its cause, goals and, perhaps, resetting them, imposing its own strategy in response to That of adverse groups on a global level and that are not the hubs from which the strategy, directives, and materials are used to counter those who, like the customer, belong to a particular national / international political / family policy. In this case, the customer will have to engage or coordinate its strategy together with the latter on a transnational level. As a result, this job will be more effective, the more customer will be at the top of his pyramid. For example, it would be possible for a customer / party / international traction movement to adopt that strategy from above and would have the chance to centrally control the strategy. In this case the above pyramids would be centralized and of greater importance. The new frontiers of political communication on social issues.

Excerpt from ‘Kek the Frog and Alt-Right’.

I think there are many ways to defeat Kek: 1. Being Kek an archetypal symbol present in our genetic memory, it will also be possible to counter it with other archetypes, even sumer, if not when, of prediluvian descent; 2. However, given the times in which we live, given the strong presence of Pope Francis, of his new religious line, the strong push that instills in policies, as well as classes in the population, I think the archetype of the Savior to be the most powerful antidote to Kek; 3. The Savior’s Archetype as Universal May Take Multiple Forms; 4. In Christianity, the meme of ‘Jesus Christ Companion’, however powerful, is not the most effective. I believe, rather, that the archetype of the most Christian Christian Savior is the ‘Redeemer Jesus’; 5. It is for this reason that left-wing memetic experts will first have to represent, with the aim of polarizing, Kek and Jesus together. 6. Kek will no longer be portrayed with its classic green color, but with colors that will emit its persuasive reach. 7. As if it were not enough, Kek’s dimensions with respect to the images in which it is inserted should be as small as by neuroscientific evidence.